LIARS! 13 Celebrities Whose Pants are Totally on Fire

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Earlier this week, Allison Williams defended her embattled father, who has been suspended six months by NBC for lying on air about his experience aboard a helicopter in Iraq many years ago.

The actress referred to Brian Williams as an "honest man," which was a noble and understandable gesture, but come on.

He's been caught. In this instance, he's a liar.

But Williams can at least take solace in the following: he's also far from alone. Plenty of well-known athletes, singers and reality stars have misled the public on purpose.

Who withheld information about a mistress (or two dozen)? Who fibbed about a sex tape? Who actually made up a girlfriend? Find out now:

For the record, we are only counting liars who have been 100% exposed in this photo gallery.

We all know that Hank Baskett didn't really cheat on Kendra Wilkinson and that the couple fabricated a story in order to goose reality series ratings.

We all know Tila Tequila didn't really have a miscarriage back in the day.

We all know Kim Kardashian is lying when she claims her E! program is not scripted.

But we don't know know... you know? So we'll save those probable liars for another time.

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