Leah Messer Shuts Down Salon; Vows to Defy Setbacks, Haters

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Under investigation by the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists, Leah Messer‘s new salon has been shuttered, at least temporarily.

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The Teen Mom 2 star’s Gloss salon came under scrutiny for hiring stylists who aren't licensed professionals and promoted illegal “on location” services.

Incredibly, the controversy surrounding Leah Messer's illegal salon (allegedly illegal) is not unlike what one of her MTV co-stars endured in her career.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you may remember Chelsea Houska coming under fire for providing her own cosmetology services without a license.

In Houska's case, she eventually got that straightened out with South Dakota regulators and now enjoys a successful career. Will Leah get to that point?

Though the board refused to comment on the status of the investigation, Messer and partners Leslee Pannell and Crystal Spinks took down the salon's website.

On Gloss’ Facebook page, the trio issued a defiant statement:

“We will protect our reputation and ourselves. This is a future career we believe in. Success doesn’t come without set backs and haters. We aren’t afraid of either.”

Pannell reportedly said “there is zero truth” to reports about an investigation, first reported by Radar. However, she confirms that Gloss is “on hold.”

Leah Messer is reportedly still in the process of completing cosmetology school, which probably makes this the least scandalous of her recent scandals.

Last summer, friends feared the mother of three was hooked up prescription painkillers. In October, she was accused of cheating on husband Jeremy Calvert.

Jeremy alleged that his wife had hooked up with her former boyfriend Robbie Kidd, before hollering at a would-be mistress of his own in Brittany Musick.

The couple - parents of one daughter, in addition to Leah's twins with her first husband Corey Simms - has since reconciled, at least for the moment.

There's no doubt the salon shutdown will deal them another blow, but they've shown surprising resilience up to this point with far greater obstacles.

Also, they're not afraid of set backs or haters, we've heard.

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