Kylie Jenner's Hilarious Diva Demand Revealed: Is She Really Gonna Eat That?!

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Kylie Jenner is only 17, so when it's time for her to make outrageous diva demands, she can't request 14 bottles of perfectly chilled Cristal.

But don't worry; when she wants to do some backstage ballin', Kylie knows how to improvise, and her latest request is something every red-blooded American has dreamed of since second grade:

Kylie Jenner: Hot Selfie
Kylie Jenner: Lucky Charms Photo

Yes, that's a bowl of all-marshmallows Lucky Charms. Usually, it's Kylie's racy selfies that dominate her Instagram page, but this is a change of pace that everyone can appreciate. 

Given how big Kylie's lips are these days, it's a miracle that she can eat anything, but is the famously fit teen really gonna consume a box of freeze-dried pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers?

No, she is not. As Kylie explains in the caption, the whole thing was a joke. Hey, Kylie might be morphing into Kim as he gets older, but maybe she's been blessed with Khloe's sense of humor:

"The crew just asked me what I wanted to eat before I started my interview," Kylie writes. "I jokingly said Lucky Charms only marshmallows and look what they just game me! LMAO...I seriously love you guys."

Hey, if you're gonna make bizarre requests, at least make them funny, right? After all, Kylie's got her whole life to sip champagne that costs more than the average American's car. 

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