Kylie Jenner Stays Out of Amber Rose Feud, Rocks New Gold Grill on Instagram

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Yesterday, Amber Rose slammed Kylie Jenner in a radio interview that kicked off one of the most enjoyable Twitter feuds in recent years.

Kylie's big sis got in on the act, as Khloe Kardashian attacked Amber on Twitter by reminding the world that Rose began stripping at age 15 in order to support her family.

After that, Amber owned Khloe with a series of jokes about Kim's sex tape and the rumor that OJ Simpson is Khloe's dad.

Yeah, it got ugly fast, and you'd think as the high school-aged Helen of Troy who sparked this war of words, Kylie would be jumping in. Instead she's keeping her mouth shut...kinda:

Kylie Jenner Grill Selfie

That's Kylie showing off her new grill on Instagram, and it's pretty much the extent of her social media activity over the past 24 hours.

So what gives? Is Kylie shying away from the conflict? Does she think Khloe can handle this one on her own?

Our guess is that Kylie got the call to sit this one out from her momager Kris Jenner.

For one thing, Kylie doesn't talk about her relationship with Tyga as a rule (Ya know, because it's illegal.), and responding to Amber's diss might require her to do so.

Also, the Kardashians may be trying to establish a set of rules with regard to social media beefs.

By keeping Kylie out of the conflict, they may be saying to Amber that, like the mafia, they don't believe in involving their children in feuds with other families.

Now if only they felt the same way about relationships with 25-yesr-old rappers.

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