Kylie Jenner Shows Off Underwear in Latest Lewd Selfie: WOW ...

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Sorry, Tyga. You're no longer the only person seeing a seductive Kylie Jenner posing in her underwear these days.

Not that she's ever been shy about sharing the goods online. At. All.

Kylie Jenner Underwear Selfie

With strong rumors of Tyga dating Kylie floating around the Internet, the teenage reality star has taken to Instagram not to confirm or deny this relationship...

... but to pose in her skivvies.

Pretty standard these days.

"Staying comfortable in my @meundies," Jenner wrote as a caption to the drool-worthy photo above, learning a lot from Kim Kardashian.

Not just in the sense that she's stripping down and teasing her fans, but in that she's getting paid for mentioning a brand online.

Somewhere, Tyga is Googling said brand like a madman.

Jenner added: "Time to jump in bed after this long week."

We can only imagine, Kylie. How do you do it, girl?!

It has to be tiring to take off your clothing and/or place the camera close to Kylie Jenner's giant lips for social media selfies like these.


We make fun, of course, but it's klear that she has the last laugh.

Whatever Kylie is doing (i.e. taking off her clothing and placing the camera close to her giant lips for social media selfies everyday) is working. To say the least. 

She has been making some insane bank lately. Just crazy.

According to TMZ insiders, the teenager just closed a deal to buy a $2.7 million, 4,900-square foot mansion in her family's native Calabasas, California.

It has a home movie theater, a pool and five bedrooms.

And did we mention that Kylie Jenner is a teenager?!

It's amazing to contemplate that this is the lifestyle one is indirectly promoting when one chooses to sit down and watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, or directly promoting when one purchases a product that the Kards plug.

We are just saying. It makes one think.

But we can't look away either ...

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