Kylie Jenner Creates Instagram Account For Puppy, Internet Goes Wild

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Thanks to Kylie Jenner's racy selfies, the 17-year-old reality star has amassed an astonishing 17.7 million Instagram followers. 

It's an amazing feat, but now Kylie is out to prove she can capture the world's attention by shifting her followers' focus from the Internet's favorite thing (boobs) to its second favorite thing (cute animals).

Kylie Jenner's Puppy, Norman
Kylie Jenner: Hot Selfie

The adorable pup on the left is Kylie's Italian greyhound, Norman. Kylie created an Instagram account for Norman yesterday, and he's already approaching 200,000 followers.

Yes, it's official - you're less popular than Kylie Jenner's dog.

Kylie got the pup as a Christmas present, and he's already been at the center of some heated controversies.

And no, it's not because Kylie stole the name of Kaley Cuoco's dog

The reason Norm's been in the news is because several of her IG followers have accused Kylie of being a negligent pet owner.

Kylie has reportedly taken several long trips without Norman in just the few short weeks that she's had him. She also posted photos of herself driving with the dog in her lap. Not cool.

So did KJ launch the new page just to prove that she's fully committed to her pooch? We can't be sure. All we know for certain is that it's gonna bum a lot of people out when Norm hits 1 million followers some time next week.

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