Kylie Jenner: Check Out My "Dreads" (Read: Other Huge Physical Features)!

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Kylie Jenner now has "dreads" according to the 17-year-old. But we're guessing that's not really what she wants us to focus on in her latest Instagram photo.

First off, the dreadlocks are more like faux locks, and we wouldn't know the difference between this and bed head, but that's neither here nor there.

Second ... is anyone really focusing on her hair for one second!?

Kylie Jenner Dreads

Kylie Jenner sure loves to surprise her social media followers, that's for sure.

Displaying her insane cleavage and outrageously large lips (both of which she classifies as “not from plastic surgery”), she never misses an opportunity.

There's no telling what this busty, enigmatic teen beauty will do next.

If we're forced to analyze the hair and not the Kylie Jenner boob job rumors, it's hard to tell from the photo - captioned simply "dreads" - if they're real.

Kylizzle is not one to shy away from a dramatic hair look, no, but it could just be a wig (just as those "new" boobs could be due to a push-up bra).

Dreadlocks, of course, are steeped in culture and racial identity.

Kylie is not the first Caucasian person to attempt such a hairstyle, nor will she be the last, and it's harmless. But it will also prompt some strong reactions.

Both Khloe and Kim Kardashian have experimented with cornrows in the past, and taken heat for it, so Kylie (justifiably or not) can expect the same.

Wonder what Kanye would say if he were hear right now.

Scroll through a few of the racy Kylie Jenner photos she's shared with us through the last couple of months and tell us if you think she's going too far:

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