Kris Jenner: Blindsided By Bruce Jenner Sex Change! In the Dark Until A Few Weeks Ago!

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Kris Jenner was utterly in the dark about Bruce Jenner's sex change until he told her just a couple of weeks ago, according to a surprising new report.

As you might expect, the bombshell did not go over well.

Kris reportedly flipped out over the Bruce Jenner sex change saga, blindsided and baffled by the fact that her husband of 22 years wanted ... that.

The couple separated in 2013 and divorced in 2014.

Whenever the sex change or transition rumors would appear in the tabloids, Kris was well aware of it, but he talked about it and she never asked.

A source cites "a serious lack of communication in the marriage," something you hear often when discussing relationships ... but times 1,000 in their case.

It all came to a head a few weeks ago at a big family sit-down (with the cameras rolling, of course) in which Bruce unveiled his transition plans.

Unprepared for what she was about to hear, Kris went into meltdown mode, challenging Bruce and disbelieving that truly wanted a sex change.

Bruce insisted he was both comfortable in his own skin and with this plan, and determined to see it through, making his ex-wife even more heated.

Kris felt this was the crown jewel of the fundamental problem of their marriage: Bruce shutting down and not talking about any of their big issues.

Virtually everyone in his life was kept in the dark about this particular issue, however, including close guy friends and his own children and stepchildren.

In December 2013, reports first surfaced that the former Olympic champion was getting a laryngeal shave, reducing the size of his Adam's apple.

Bruce denied he was undergoing a sex change then, but was already planning to gradually let people get used to his new look so it was less of a shock.

As you can see by the photos below, the transition has been taking place for over a year, even if he's only now ready to discuss it with America.

One wonders how Kourtney Kardashian will tell her kids about this now, as the entire family is reportedly struggling a bit to come to grips with this.

By and large, they remain supportive of Bruce, however, with the possible exception of Kris who is pretty bitter after over two decades of marriage.

Soon, Bruce plans to discuss his new identity with ABC's Diane Sawyer, and document the transition on a reality show carried by the E! network.

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