Justin Bieber: Rolling in Sick New Ride!

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Justin Bieber is trying to be a new man these days.

And, along those lines, he's now rolling in a brand new car!

The artist, who turned the big 2-1 on Sunday and who has been on somewhat of an image redemption tour all month, posted a picture to Shots today of his awesome new ride.

It’s a 1965 Lincoln Continental and it was gifted to him by friends a couple days prior to his birthday.

Justin Bieber Car

Witnesses confirm The Biebs took the sweet vehicle up and down Sunset Strip Thursday night after John and Sammy Shahidi surprised him at the studio with the totally restored classic.

Bieber, meanwhile, has been making headlines left and right over the past several days. To wit:

What do you think of the new Justin Bieber? Has he done enough to erase mistakes from his past? Is he still your hero?

And how do you think he'll celebrate his milestone birthday?!? Probably with a quiet night in a game of cards, right? HA!

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