Jill Duggar: Accused of Drinking While Pregnant!

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Jill Duggar is a devout Christian, an expecting mother, one of 19 children, and possibly in a lot of trouble for a picture her husband, Derick Dillard, uploaded on Valentine's day.

Jill and Derick Camping
Jill Duggar's Bible and Apple Juice/Wine Bottle

Yup, it's a bottle, some lifesavers, and the Bible. Now, they're not in trouble for the life savers, even with all the condemnation that sugar is getting these days.

Aaaaaand they're not in trouble for the Bible. So what could they in trouble for?

Of course, the bottle of ... as it turns out, APPLE JUICE. Yup, it's a big wine-shaped bottle of "appadoo", as I used to call the harmless beverage growing up (again, except for the sugar).

Just days after their Walmart baby shower, Jill and Derick spent their evening reading each other romantic bible passages, while crunching away on life-savers, and washing it all down with some sparkling apple juice.

The comments poured into Derick's Instagram account: "are you aloud to drink when ur pregnant" and "The bible next to a bottle of wine??? What!!!!!"

Jill and Derrick have had to defend themselves from allegations before. Doing the math on the date of their marriage vows and their due date leaves people a little curious about the whole pre-marital sex thing.

My favorite comment on this most recent Instagram post came from kitc5, who said,

"Wait.... you're 34 weeks pregnant with your wife whom who have been married to for 28 weeks and didn't kiss until the wedding..."

Actually, I think Kitc's math isn't totally correct. But let's be honest, they did certainly get right down to it right after their wedding. And it looks like the spark is still there, almost a year later.

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