Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 12 Recap: Freak Show

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Ready to get your freak on?

Meredith sure was on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 12, anxious to fly to D.C. for some "emergency sex" with Derek, only for said emergency sex to never actually take place.

Why not?

After dodging many questions from Maggie, who was babysitting her kids and covering up for her every time Derek called, Meredith confessed that she simply never got on the place. She just “drove to one of those hotels by the airport.”

Initially too embarrassed to explain herself to anyone, Meredith eventually confessed the following to Alex:

“I don’t want to leave [Derek], but I definitely do not want to be with him right now.”

Elsewhere during another emotional hour, Ben’s brother Kurt collapsed while spreading his dad’s ashes in the woods.

Why were his estrogen levels high? Why did tests reveal his spleen was swollen? Because Kurt was going all Bruce Jenner on us, transiting into womanhood.

Ben took major issue with this, but Bailey recruited Jackson to treat Kurt Rosalyn by episode’s end, as she worked with Ben to accept his sibling’s decision.

In other sexy news, Dr. Herman invited Owen to try out her couch (if you know what she means), something Owen reported to Amelia in case it said anything about Herman’s tumor.

Amelia replied by asking whether couch-sharing between colleagues was frowned upon... and later showed up on Owen’s doorstep with a bottle of sparkling lime water. She left having received a whopper of a smooch!!!

Meanwhile, Callie was asking a hot guy to dance with her at the docs’ favorite bar. Way to go, girl!

You can also watch Grey’s Anatomy online to see Herman and Arizona finally bond, mostly over the former laughing about the latter’s crazy exploits (i.e. how Arizona had been married during her fling with Leah).

Finally, Richard was psyched to reunite with Catherine… until he suspected she was using him as an excuse to check in on Jackson and April. Does Webber have a problem with strong women?

“You’re gonna have to figure that out before we move on anywhere,” she told him.

And where is this show headed? To Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 13, which airs on February 26 at 8/7c.

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