Fifty Shades of Grey Sequels Confirmed, Sex Scene Details Revealed!

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Good news for fans of sexy, sexy torture: 

It was confirmed today that the follow up books to the best-selling erotic novel - Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed - will both be adapted into feature films. 

It's a bold move, considering it remains to be seen if the first movie will meet analysts' sky-high expectations, but given the fact that Grey is already setting pre-sale records, we'd say it's a safe bet that the film won't suffer from any performance issues.

Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson Image

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson made the announcement yesterday, and insiders say she may have shot two alternate endings for the first film: one that leaves the door open for a sequel, and one that offers a definitive conclusion.

It seems the difference came down to a single syllable, as Dakota Johnson utters her safe word "red" in one version, and says simply, "Stop," in another.

That minor variation could translate to hundreds of millions of dollars, as the safe word version reportedly only would've been used if producers decided not to proceed with the sequels.

Yes, despite Fifty Shades boycotts from groups that claim the film promotes violence against women, Universal is already confident that the film will be a hit.

This may not be the greatest news for the stars of the movie, as there are reports that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson "hate each other."

But hey, at least they'll have a couple more big paydays coming their way. And we'll have two more Fifty Shades Lego trailers to look forward to!

Check out the all of the first film's trailers below to whet your appetite for its Valentine's Day release:

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