Farrah Abraham Returns to Teen Mom, Melts Down in Front of Daughter: First Look!

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Teen Mom returns on Monday, March 23, with the MTV hit hilariously rebranded as Teen Mom: OG (for Original Girls, not Original Gangsta). Seriously.

Nearly three years after it went off the air, the original four girls are indeed back, most notably Teen Mom turned Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham.

In this sneak preview from the upcoming season, we see her sort of flip out about ... returning to Teen Mom: OG after being ostracized by the franchise.

It's weird and kind of meta. But take a look at the train wreck below:

The producers know it's coming as they prepare to meet with her.

"She's going to shut down production is what she's going to do," one remarks of the conversation that is about to take place ... benign as it may be to us.

As the Teen Mom shot-callers talk about their plans for the new season, and how to re-introduce Farrah Abraham to viewers, she sort of can't handle it.

Which makes us wonder if she can handle ... well, anything really.

It's not clear if there's stuff we didn't see, or if she really is just this unstable, but it's awkward. When she curses in front of daughter Sophia, especially.

Why so much drama and diva antics over something so minor?

Does it really matter how or why Farrah Abraham us finally returning to Teen Mom along with Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout?

If anything, the producers - at least in the clip above - are more accommodating than necessary, and pose reasonable, non-threatening questions.

Farrah's response? F-bombs and storming out. Standard.

As Abraham's mother Debra Danielson tries to explain her mindset, Sophia goes to comfort her mother in a sweet moment that also makes us feel for her.

When this little girl grows up and gains perspective, and truly realizes what a mess her mother is, it's not going to be pretty unless Farrah gets it together.

Oh, and no sign of Simon Saran on MTV ... yet.

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