Farrah Abraham Promotes Erotic Novels With New Commercial: Watch and Laugh Now!

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Even though Farrah Abraham is dating Simon Saran these days, she remains committed to her career as a sex worker.

We know Farrah is returning to Teen Mom, but let's be honest - T&A will always be her bread and butter.

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Farrah is a stripper, a porn sex tape star, and, of course, an "erotic novelist."

Farrah's Celebrity Sex Tape books didn't quite develop into the overnight Fifty Shades-style sensation that she was anticipating, so now she's hocking the books with a laughable commercial that's been making the rounds online:

Yes, Farrah is "a New York Times best-selling author," but her books haven't been flying off the shelf the way she expected them to.

She's stated that her trilogy is "way better than Fifty Shades of Grey," so she must be baffled by the fact that she has yet to be offered a lucrative movie deal.

Farrah is clearly pulling out all the stops, but we doubt this cheesy trailer will help her move many copies, especially considering there's no skin in the clip whatsoever.

Sex is used to sell everything from cars to soft drinks these days, but for some reason, when Farrah is trying to pique the public's interest in a trilogy of sex novels, she gives us a chaste 30 seconds of glitter and R&B.

Looks like Farrah's choice of publicist is almost as regrettable as her taste in lip implants.

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