Farrah Abraham Flips OUT on Her Mom in New Teen Mom: OG Clip! Watch Now!

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As you may have heard, Farrah Abraham is returning to Teen Mom for a reunion season that's hilariously been dubbed, Teen Mom: OG. 

Apparently, the new season will feature the "original girls" doing what we've all done at one point or another - watching reruns of Teen Mom and marveling at the insanely dysfunctional moments that were caught on camera:

Yes, that's Farrah standing by her decision to call her mom "dumb," because she refused to buy her a Ford Focus.

In fairness, Farrah's mom seems pretty terrible, but what really stands out in this clip is Farrah having a good laugh and claiming she was 100% in the right.

You'd think the fact that Farrah is a stripper, "erotic novelist" and porn star would be all the evidence her parents would need to know that they dropped the ball while raising her, but apparently MTV thought it would be a good idea to remind her mom of some low points in her relationship with her daughter.

The point of exercises like this is for both parties to gain a new perspective by seeing their behavior on camera.

However, Farrah and her equally stubborn mom both just shrug and continue to blame the other one.

When we wanna laugh, we just watch the commercial for Farrah's erotic novel. Apparently when Farrah wants  to laugh, she watched clips of her and her mother verbaly abusing one another. Good times.

Watch Teen Mom online to feel better about your relationship with your own parents.

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