Charlie Ebersol Refuses to Reveal How He Met Britney Spears; Watch the Awkward Interview Now!

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Charlie Ebersol is more than just Britney Spears' ideal baby daddy, and he's clearly trying to emphasize his non-Brit-related accomplishments in his new interview with Access Hollywood Live.

In fact, Charlie is so eager to distance himself from his new boo that he carefully avoids even mentioning Britney's name throughout the entire 10-minute discussion.

It's notable that Charlie pleads the fifth when asked about how his new relationship began, because it's long been rumored that the couple was hooked up by Britney's dad, who's now in the habit of screening all of her potential suitors.

"I will absolutely tell you about it as soon as they shut the cameras are off," Charlie says, by way of avoiding the question.

When pressed about why he's so secretive about his relationship, Ebersol gives a response that makes it sound like he doesn't quite understand how being famous works:

"I've learned this from my family - your personal life is one of the few things you have that can actually be yours," Charlie says.

"Obviously, I've chosen a career that puts me out there, and obviously she has as well. I'm incredibly lucky, because she's an amazing woman, but the one thing we have is that we don't have to share it with the world."

Hmmm...So Charlie's a guy who values his privacy, eh? That might present some problems while dating one of the world's most 

Look, we understand wanting to keep your person life on the down-low, but Britney posts pictures of her and Charlie online just about every eight seconds.

We starting to think Brit and Charlie might have very views on how public or private their relationship should be. 

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