29 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fails You Won't Believe: Cringe at Your Own Risk!

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Celebrities love their plastic surgery. Like, big time.

Sometimes, even with the passage of time, they have nothing but positive things to say about the cosmetic work they elected to have done. But typically?

For every Kaley Cuoco boob job - which she openly sings the praises of - there are a dozen plastic surgery failures so heinous, you can't even believe them.

Here are 29 of those. Click at your own risk!

Not every celeb is Heidi Montag (thankfully). Or Farrah Abraham (even more thankfully). These are extreme cases of young women who lost their way.

In a big, BIG way. Have you seen their ...

Never mind. You get the point, and these cautionary tales, while particularly nuts, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to young (and old) Hollywood.

Instead of loving plastic surgery, perhaps people should love themselves a little more instead. By and large, plastic is not as fantastic as it seems, people.

We get it. Wishing you were younger, hotter, tighter, etc., is just part of the human experience. Every single one of us has been there, to a degree.

Going under the knife to achieve this impossible dream, though? Many times, to the point where you end up looking like a wax figure version of yourself?

No. Just ... no. This gallery above?

We can't even. There are no words to describe some of these "results," or explain what the parties involved could have possibly been thinking at the time.

This has become such an epidemic that there's even a show, Botched, dedicated to rectifying surgical disasters like these. That's how frequent they are.

Wrong. And not wrong in the "so wrong it's right" sense. Just plain wrong, in the literal sense of the word. The total and utter opposite of all that is right.

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