21 Worst Celebrity Baby Names Ever: Who Comes Up With These?!

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The birth of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' first child recently captivated the celebrity gossip world, and not just because their daughter hit the genetic lottery.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' baby name choice, while it couldn't be more traditional in a sense, is not one you typically associate with little girls.

James. Not Jamie, but good old-fashioned James.

As crazy as this seems to some people, little James has nothing - nothing - on some of the other ridiculous, WTF-level celebrity baby names out there.

Seriously, check these out. You know a bunch ...

Perhaps most notably, world-famous one-year-old and unanimous first ballot Celebrity Baby Name Hall of Fame inductee North West needs no introduction.

Ditto her newborn cousin, Reign Aston Disick.

While they are certainly among the more notorious examples, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are far from alone in their dubious baby name selections.

Nor are they even among the most absurd. Some celebs' chosen monikers must have stemmed from dares, lost bets or a parlor game of Can You Top This.

That or they were on drugs. Either/or.

We weren't there for the discussions between expectant parents about these names, or for any of the substance abuse that may or may not have preceded them.

You have to give them credit, though.

Whether it's a self-aware, ballsy commitment to being cuckoo and/or total aloofness and lack of concern for their children's well being, these people went all in.

No one can take that away from them.

Who else has hereby been enshrined in the Celebrity Baby Name Hall of Fame along with North and Reign? Scroll through the gallery above to find out.

And just to prove that this isn't a celebrity-only thing by any means ... check out a bonus slideshow of regular folks with names you won't even believe below.

Trust us, it's total Kash money.

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