21 Controversial Pieces of Clothing: From #TheDress to The Vagina Shirt...

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The Dress has been all the rage on the Internet last night and today.

Is the garment first posted by a confused, distressed Tumblr user white and gold? Yes, according to a great number of people who have studied it online.

No, swears the model who posed for it in an ad campaign. The Dress is blue and black. It's a debate that will likely rage on for years and years. Or will it?

The dress (or #TheDress, we should say, given its place in viral universe) is just the latest controversial article of clothing to generate World Wide Web headlines ...

Remember the American Apparel Vagina Shirt? The thing was menstruating.

Or that Nazi shirt by Zara? Yes, that was actually a real item that existed.

Heck, someone actually turned the Kurt Cobain suicide note into a shirt.

When it came to those (non) fashionable items, of course, there wasn't much to argue over. There weren't really sides to take. Only heads to shake.

The same can't be said for THE DRESS. At all.

As you can see here, celebrities from all walks of life are engaged in all-out Twitter warfare over this frock, though most can at least agree on one thing:

It's pretty darn ugly. Right, Chrissy Teigen?

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