19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 2 Recap: Jessa Duggar Says Yes to THE Dress!

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On 19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 2, Ben and Jessa prepared for their wedding, while Jill and Derick started preparing for their baby's arrival.

Exciting stuff down in Arkansas, people! And it's only going to become more so!

What happened when the expectant, soon-to-be parents of #BabyDilly met with a midwife? And when Jinger Duggar took photos of the soon-to-be newlyweds?

Let's break down 19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 2 and find out!

Jill Duggar Wedding Party

We know Jessa Duggar likes to break the mold (and not just because she lives in a house full of mold). She's not just going to recreate Jill's wedding.

She's not really interested in the whole princess thing, or shopping for a dress for that matter. It's just a means to an end for the future Mrs. Seewald.

Not that she isn't looking forward to the wedding, or marrying Ben.

"I think it's important that whatever dress she chooses is modest, too. 'Cause I get kind of jealous, you know? She's my girl," said Ben in an interview.

Oh we know, Ben. You don't want any guys ogling your girl.

Jessa, whose gown was definitely modest - showing skin is one of the things not allowed by the Duggar family - is clearly smitten by him, and that quote.

She opted for a blush-colored gown, and looked gorgeous, because come on, it's Jessa. She looks amazing in anything. The bridesmaids, however?

Jinger Duggar said it best when she accurately pointed out that having one single, simple dress fit a gaggle of girls is going to be a tall order to say the least.

Luckily, this family can sew so hard. So they're good to go.

Meanwhile, midwife Jill Dillard - a woman who has delivered more than 30 babies herself - is now finding herself on the other end of the arrangement.

And struggling with morning sickness, which is pretty brutal.

Not even that could diminish her optimism, however, especially not after hearing #BabyDilly's heartbeat for the first time - a first for husband Derick.

He called it "very special," and anyone who's ever experienced that moment - especially for the first time - know that's the understatement of all time.

Other things to look forward to if you watch 19 Kids and Counting online this week include Jason Duggar, 14, being kind of over his chaperone role.

Hey, you gotta put those kids to work. And there's free food.

Jinger's not the only one helping out with wedding planning, either. First-born son Josh Duggar, 26, will design Jessa's invitations, just as he did for Jill.

As for the oft-maligned older sister of Jill and Jessa, Jana Duggar, she was probably stuck watching 9-10 siblings and cleaning the house this entire time.

Poor girl. We love you.

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