The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: Family Matters

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Tuesday night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 9, we saw the ladies of the 90210 dealing with some of their family members.

Chiefly, Brandi decided to peep her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian's new reality show with LeAnn Rimes, while Lisa Vanderpump struggled to motivate her son.

Meanwhile, Yolanda and Kyle both fretted about their own children, both of whom are going away to college. Did the mothers have reason to worry?

Picking up where last week left off, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 9 featured much less drama than Brandi's past wine-tossing.

That may have made it a bore for some viewers, but it's good for the cast members' sanity. Although Lisa V.'s was certainly tested by her son Max.

Having quit college, he's working full time at SUR, but she worries Max just isn't motivated beyond that, and lacks the work ethic she instilled in him.

Lisa encourages him to take more interest in the restaurant business as a whole, like his sister Pandora, but it has to be something he wants for himself.

Let's face it ... the servers we love when we watch Vanderpump Rules online are awesome, but Lisa has bigger dreams in mind for her own offspring.

Meanwhile, Kyle and her family take Alexia to the University of Arizona, where she's rushing a sorority and excited to be in this brave new world on her own.

Mauricio is sad to say goodbye to her as well, but he's less worried than Kyle about whether she'll do well there and how their family dynamic is changing.

Meanwhile, Yolanda Foster moves her daughter Bella Hadid into her New York apartment, and is still shaken up by her little girl's recent DUI arrest.

Bella's DUI has made Yolanda even more insecure about letting go, and perhaps for that reason, she's paying for everything so she can focus on school.

Why Bella doesn't live with sister Gigi Hadid, who lives in the same city and goes to the same school, we can't say. But she seems appreciative and humbled.

Back in L.A., Eileen cooks dinner for her husband and stepsons Duke and Vinny. She's proud to have been a part of raising them, but it hasn't been easy.

She's tried to earn their respect and love over time, and has.

Her fellow soap star Lisa Rinna is prepping for a gig playing herself, opposite husband Harry Hamlin, which she is excited but a little nervous about.

She's also planning a charity function to raise money for breast cancer research, a cause near and dear to her heart as her family has battled it in the past.

Finally, Brandi Glanville meets with her lawyer, Ron, to discuss the fact that Eddie is suing her for child and spousal support that he believes he overpaid her.

That amount totals a staggering $114,000. Brandi thinks it's so absurd and wants to take him to court, but her lawyer says he can settle this beforehand.

She invites Kim Richards over to watch Eddie and LeAnn's new reality show LeAnn & Eddie, which she hopes does well so he can pay her more support.

Hey, at least she's honest with herself, right?

Kim understands what a weird dynamic it is for Brandi to watch her ex-husband and his mistress turned new wife playing house and yukking it up on TV.

As for the show they suffered through?

For Brandi, it has to be at least a little enjoyable - even if she doesn't get much financial help from it - that the show is like the worst thing ever produced.

Right? Just a little?

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