The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: Brandi Glanville is Off the Rails

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Tuesday on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 8, Brandi and Lisa sat down to talk about their issues for the 357th time.

More or less, right? Give or take.

That much-hyped lunch was actually rather civil compared to what came later on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 8, however.

Lisa even apologized, which was what Brandi said she wanted, and agreed to be friends again ... probably just so Brandi would shut up about this.

Whatever her motives, it was a smart move, because as Brandi Glanville later showed us, she is an unpredictable woman you want to cross at a party.

Just ask Eileen Davidson about that.

When the soap opera actress politely refused to reenact one of her classic TV moments, even after Brandi was willing to pay her $40 to do so, she paid the price.

With a glass of wine to the face!

What was supposed to be a fun girl's night quickly soured after the Glanville drink tossing and left the rest of the women confused and/or horrified.

"Who throws a glass of wine at somebody's face for no reason?" Eileen asked, while Lisa RInna called the move "absolutely inappropriate and f--king weird!"

Brandi responded to that criticism by saying to Eileen, "I just thought that being a Days of Our Lives actress, you'd be able to … take the drama."

Because it's totally the same.

Later, the gang all got together once more at a party hosted by Yolanda Foster, and Brandi tried to apologize by gifting Eileen a random necklace.

Eileen termed this "a nice gesture, in a weird way," and added later in a confessional, "still don't trust her, but I'm willing to accept her apology."

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you know that's about as well as it's going to go in situations involving a drunk Brandi.

Not that she was done by any means.

She made peace with Eileen Davidson, but later at Yolanda's party, Glanville managed to insult R&B singer Babyface, who was obviously there.

Specifically, Brandi pointed out the ring on his wife's finger, saying it wasn't big enough. Then she climbed into Yolanda's husband's lap for a sing-along.

Oh yes, as David and Babyface were about to do a little concert, Brandi suggested a song about finger banging, complete with associated hand motions.

"If that's not white trash, I don't know what is," Lisa Rinna said of that incident, likely summing up what many viewers at home were thinking as well.

Brandi Glanville, everyone!

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