Taylor Swift Peer Pressures Lorde to Drink Alcohol?!

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Taylor Swift's PR team has gone to great lengths to portray the pop princess as a flawless role model who remains humble and down-to-earth despite her vast wealth and incredible success.

Unfortunately, the girl stubbornly insists on being a 25-year-old human being.

Earlier this week, Taylor's guitar teacher exposed some lies and half-truths concocted by her management that contradict the idyllic version of the singer's upbringing that had previously been fed to the press.

Now, an unexpected gossip item from this year's Golden Globes after-parties has Swifty knocking back rum and cokes (Gasp!) and encouraging her 18-year-old BFF Lorde to do some imbibing of her own. (Double Gasp!)

Taylor Swift, Lorde Golden Globes Photo

"Taylor was drinking rum and coke and then she switched to Meiomi wine," a witness at the HBO-hosted shindig tells Star magazine. "And she was feeding her rum and coke to Lorde!"

Gotta love the verb "feeding" there, as though she cradled little Lorde in her arms and allowed her to suckle at the straw of her adult beverage.

The source says that Lorde was reluctant to take a sip, but Taylor egged her on, saying, "Rum is so good!" (The girl speaks the truth.)

Apparently, the "Royals" songstress was so enamored with the cocktail that she ordered one of her own after she finished Taylor's!

It's worth noting that 18 is the legal drinking age in Lorde's native New Zealand, and that an 18-year-old downing a drink and a half at a party is basically the opposite of scandalous, but this story is making the rounds online regardless.

It's not like Lorde stumbled out of the joint looking like Jon Hamm. Then there might be cause for concern.

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