Tara Reid: Hot Again! Offered $1M For Sex Tape!

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Erratic actress Tara Reid has been showing off her hot body like it's 1999 these days, and one adult entertainment company has certainly taken notice.

They wanna see Tara Reid nude so bad, and not just for their own personal pleasure. GameLink (dot) com wants Reid to star in a hot new sex tape!

For a million dollars! One. MILLION. Dollars!

The site, which features on demand porn, was so impressed by the bikini and nude pics she's been posting lately, they want to get it in ... on the monetary action.

For $1 million, she can "showcase her beauty and talent" by having sex on film ... and she can "tastefully explore her sexuality with full creative control."

What an opportunity, Tara. Think about it.

Somehow, we don't see her going down that road, but at 39 (going on 49 based on her liver) how many more times will she be offered a million bucks?

For like a day or two of work?!

As for who would pay to see this thing ... that Tara Reid bikini photo was so fake it's not even funny, but she's still looking pretty great these days.

You tell us in the survey below.

Tara Reid, would you hit it?!

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