Miley Cyrus: Pregnant, Dumped By Patrick Schwarzenegger?

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Did Miley Cyrus get pregnant, then dumped, by boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger?

Yes, if you want to go ahead and believe certain celebrity gossip publications.

No, if you believe the truth, which is that she is not knocked up ... or single.

Miley Cyrus Pregnant, Dumped

Life & Style loves a good pregnancy bombshell, and a good breakup story.

Put them together and you get an epic cover for the ages.

Is it accurate? Hardly ever, if at all. But who cares?!

The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver has been seeing plenty of Miley Cyrus nude, and could be right now. They are very much together.

Just not expecting a child together. At all. Or likely ever.

With her increasingly wild and provocative antics, Miley sure knows how to leave tongues wagging, but there's no way she is with child right now. None.

Yet according to the tabloid, which will probably turn around and say that Miley married Patrick Schwarzenegger next week, she just dropped a BOMB on him.

His family recently “staged an intervention" on vacation in Hawaii, demanding that he ditch Cyrus, “but Miley had her own surprise in store,” reports L&S.

When Patrick got back to L.A., he met up with Miles and the couple decided to go to dinner, where both said they had something to say to each other.

"Patrick went first and said he needed some space and wanted to take a break, and that’s when Miley interrupted and said, ‘Well, you can’t, because I’m pregnant!'”

"Patrick thought she was kidding, but she just looked at him and said nothing. The first time Miley told him she was pregnant, he believed her and wanted to marry her."

"Now he feels she’s screwing with his head and using a baby to trap him. So Patrick didn’t back down about dumping her. He just apologized and walked away.”

Hilarious as that would be if it were true ... no.

Conveniently, the tabloid's claim that Patrick is worried about her playing head games gives them just enough leeway when Miles is shockingly NOT pregnant.

Basically, magazines such as this make for solid entertainment as you're waiting in line to pay for groceries, but treating them like anything more than fan fiction?

You're just kidding yourself if you do.

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