Margaret Cho to John Travolta: It's Okay if You Come Out!

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Margaret Cho weighed in this week on rumors that John Travolta is gay, and listening to her speak candidly about it, those rumors aren't rumors at all.

The lesbian comedian was talking about her role as an out star who gets approached for advice by closeted individuals in the entertainment industry.

Such celebrities know they can talk to her with confidence, she says, but when she started speaking out very publicly about John Travolta gay rumors?

That was another story entirely, she says, adding that she feels for the actor.

"That was a weird kind of thing because I don't think [John] is in danger of being bullied," she said of the long-running, unconfirmed belief that he is a homosexual.

"He didn't even share it with me ... it's more that is the way that he is."

"And I felt bad and wanted to express the sorrow that I felt that here's somebody who is so great and has an amazing side of himself that he can't really share."

"I don't think [Travolta] he's in danger of being hurt... somebody that's living in a conservative community would need that kind of protection or silence."

Several men, including Doug Gotterba, have come forward alleging sexual relationships with John, and other celebs such as Carrie Fisher say he's gay.

It could all be conjecture, of course; Travolta has been married to Kelly Preston for two decades, with three children (one of whom tragically passed away).

At the same time, it's not as easy for John to come out - if he were a closeted gay man - as it would be for a single man in his 20s today. Cho must know this.

Do you think he is, and is just afraid to come out at this point?

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