Lisa Rinna Talks Kim Richards' Drug Use on Bravo Blog

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Lisa Rinna may be a newcomer to the Bravo universe, but the large-lipped star is already making her presence known in a major way.

Rinna started stirring up drama on day one, to the point that many felt she was just trying to land a long-term spot on the show by proving that she could scream and toss chardonnay with the best of them.

The more we see of Lisa, the less it seems like an act, but on last night's episode, she played the role of victim instead of aggressor.

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Kim Richards on the Red Carpet

OnĀ The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 10, Lisa was joined by Kim Richards on a car ride that felt like something out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Lisa immediately suspected that supposedly-sober Kim was on drugs. Turns out, Lisa was right, and she took to her Bravo blog today to discuss the incident in detail.

"She asked to use the bathroom and was acting like she was high on something," Lisa wrote. "Which is why I asked if she was drinking or on drugs when she got in the car."

Lisa's suspicions weren't confirmed until they arrived at Eileen Davidson's house, and Kim confirmed that she'd popped some sort of pain pill.

The admission was almost unnecessary, as Lisa - and pretty much everyone watching at home - could tell something was up with Kim from the moment she hopped in the passenger seat.

"This was a completely different, very unpredictable, and aggressive Kim sitting next to me," Lisa wrote on her blog. "I knew there was more to it and something was going on with her."

Rinna and Richards have had their problems in the past, and both have pretty much shared the blame equally.

Last night, however, the aggression was all coming from Kim, and the whole ugly scene served as a reminder of why Richards desperately needs to stay sober.

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