Lisa Rinna Posts Farrah Abraham Lip Injections Pic, Apologizes For "Starting This S--t"

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Celebrity gossip purveyors and fans alike saw the now-infamous photo of Farrah Abraham’s botched lip injections on Instagram and recoiled in abject horror.

Lisa Rinna was no exception. In fact, she feels responsible.

Farrah Abraham Lip Photo
Lisa Rinna, No Makeup

“I apologize for starting this s--t 26 years ago, please forgive me,” Rinna captioned a photo of the terrifying damage done to Abraham's face in the operation.

Is there a way the operation can be fixed? We hope so.

Still, the lesson has been learned, albeit the hard way.

“Girlfriends don't say I didn't warn ya! #BOTCHED California #ER #fixit,” the Teen Mom star said earlier this month, and Rinna is taking this to heart.

Having also recently said that Kylie Jenner got lip injections - at least "that’s my feeling - I could be absolutely wrong, but I think so" - Lisa is apologetic.

Had it not been for her, this would not be a trend.

Or so she claims. A quarter century ago, "I had my lips injected with silicone ... stupid thing to do at 24. I did it with my best girlfriend, so she and I go and we get our lips done."

"Fine. I have it like that for my whole career, right?"

"So then cut to a couple of years ago, I have a doctor remove as much as they possibly can 'cause it got to the point where they were yucky."

"You know, they get hard."

"It's gross. They are now whatever that was after they took out as much of the silicone as they could," adds The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

Gross indeed. Fortunately for Farrah, there are plenty of other images of her that would qualify as much more cringe-worthy, as evidenced below ...

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