Kylie Jenner on Killer Body: I Got it From My Daddy!

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If you know who Kylie Jenner is, you know she loves to show off her amazing figure online. What you may not know is what she credits for that figure ...

Bruce Jenner!

That's right, before Bruce Jenner's journey (or whatever you'd call what he's going through now), he was an Olympic champion athlete, and he's her dad.

That simple.

It helps to be 17 years old, of course, but Kylie says she's no slave to the gym or to any particular diet ... she eats what she wants and is just fortunate.

"I eat so bad right now. I eat so many sweets and so much candy but it's the Bruce Jenner genes. I have to start working out very soon," she tells E!

Whether it's Kylie Jenner's lips, cleavage or hair, the youngest Kardashian is getting some kind of attention for her body every time you turn around.

Another person who has benefited from the Bruce Jenner genes is sister Kendall Jenner, now a model for high end brands from Chanel to Balmain.

But despite her sister becoming such a driving force in fashion these days, Kylie says, "I think I'm much edgier and daring and darker than Kendall."

"I like to try new things and darker colors and being kind of tomboyish," she said when asked about the differences between the girls' fashion choices.

"We just have completely different styles."

Kylie was also coy about plans with rumored boyfriend Tyga for Valentine's Day. When asked about her plans with her alleged beau, she replied:

"I forgot that it was coming up so soon ... I've been thinking about it this past week. I'm like, ‘What am I going to do for Valentine's Day?'"

"But I love Valentine's Day. I'm excited."

For what?! Stay tuned!

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