Kylie Jenner Drives With Dog In Her Lap: How Does She Still Have a License?!

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Kylie Jenner's driving record is spottier than Lindsay Lohan's back after a day at the beach, and the reality star certainly doesn't help her case by boasting about her bad habits on social media.

You may have heard about the puppy that Kylie's neglecting since Christmas. Well, based on her latest Instagram post, it seems Kylie does take the dog with her sometimes...she just does it in the most dangerous fashion possible:

Kylie Jenner Driving With Puppy Photo

Some of you may be saying, "So what? I drive with my dog in the front seat all the time!"

And that's fine. The operative words there are "front seat" (not "lap") and "dog" (not "very young puppy of a particularly fragile breed").

To make matters worse, Kylie might be the incompetent driver in Los Angeles, which is a bit like calling her the most vapid Kardashian. It's a hotly contested race.

Kylie's been in multiple car accidents despite the fact that she got her license just over a year ago.

She's in the habit taking selfies while driving and making other moronic decisions behind the wheel, but the Italian-greyhound-as-crotch-accessory might be her dumbest move yet. 

If Kylie wants to endanger a helpless 11-pounder whose only talents are looking cute and responding to her name, then we recommend she let Kendall ride shotgun.

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