Kylie Jenner: Can I Wear a Sports Bra and Boxers All Day?

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While much of the country is in the grips of punishing winter weather, the forecast in Kylie Jenner Land is still calling for a mix of cleavage and abs with a 40% chance of Child Protective Services.

Kylie Jenner: LIP Service!

KJ posted the below picture yesterday with a caption reading:

"Can I wear a sports bra and boxers all day ugh."

The sad thing is, in Kylie's case, the answer to that question is yes. Ugh.

Kylie dropped out of her home school program last week, which means snapping age-inappropriate selfies is literally all she has to do these days.

Oh, and of course, in addition to flaunting her body, Kylie's been talking about her figure a lot lately, because ... well, apparently her parents are just the worst.

Kylie Jenner Sports Bra Selfie

Kylie credits Bruce Jenner with her trim form but we're guessing it also has something (or everything) to do with the fact that she's freakin' 17 years old.

Talk to us in 10 years when you have to not only cut down on your beloved sweets, but train like an Olympian just to keep your selfie game on point.

Better yet, maybe selfies will have completely gone the way of MySpace by then and Kylie will be forced to cultivate a talent or get an education if she wants to be successful.

Probably not. We don't have a crystal ball or anything, but we're confident in saying that at the very least, Kylie and Tyga will be done dating by then.

That age difference won't seem as cool when he's 35 and still a C-list rapper. 

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