Kate Middleton to Prince William: No Royal Family Members Around MY Kids!

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are busy preparing for their second child, and the pregnant Duchess is reportedly drawing a hard line on one issue:

Keeping the royal family away from her kids as much as possible!

Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2014

Their Anmer Hall residence, where Kate reportedly wants to raise the couple's kids as opposed to Kensington Palace, is their base of operations these days.

This hasn't exactly sat well with some members of the royal family.

For the record, she says she wants Prince George and his sibling(s) to be raised in the comforts of Norfolk where they will be afforded more privacy.

Off the record, Kate doesn't want her kids around the royals. At all.

It's an interesting stance from a woman who married the Prince of Wales, but things change when you have kids, and with the passage of time.

William's stepmother Camilla Parker-Bowles, who Middleton thinks has more influence over royal policies than she should, turns Kate off in particular.

How much of this is based in fact vs. mere celebrity gossip fodder?

That's the million-dollar question, but by controversially eschewing the Palace, and working less than any other royal family member, one thing is clear:

Regardless of her motives, she wants to instill normalcy in her offspring, and does not want the age-old royal family "lifestyle" to be too ingrained.

Obviously, George and his brother or sister will lead lives that are the opposite of normal, wherever they are, but Kate Middleton is doing what she can.

As for the heir she married? At the end of the day, William seems unabashedly devoted to his wife and what's best for his kids, not the rest of his family.

Happy wife, happy life, as they say. Even if she's a commoner!

Besides, visiting the palace will be more exciting if they don't live there. Going to Grandma's house has never, ever been that cool for anyone else.

As long as the Queen is still cool with them after this, of course.

According to one recent report, she wants Kate to smile and get back to work. Meanwhile, she's planning a trip to Mustique with George, but without William.

How will that go over with Her Majesty? Stay tuned ...

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