Kanye West Debuts "Only One" Music Video Starring North West!

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Kanye West premiered his new song "Only One" on New Year's Day, and the personal, heartfelt ballad received attention for reasons Yeezy likely didn't anticipate.

For starters, it seems lots of Kanye fans never heard of Paul McCartney, who apparently contributed to the track.

That became a whole thing on Twitter, which is strange, because you'd never know Sir Paul was in the studio were it not for the fact that he's credited as a collaborator.

Why does such a heavily-hyped song consist of nothing but auto-tuned crooning? Why feature one of the world's most famous and revered musicians just to have him plunk out a piano line that anyone could play? Did it really take 5 dudes to write this?

Yes, there was a surprising amount of debate surrounding "Only One" so it makes sense that with the video, Kanye attempts to re-direct our focus to what the song is really about - his daughter. (And himself, of course.)

It's a touching clip, but it brings up even more questions:

Why does the video only feature half the song? Did Kanye get to be the world's most stylish man by spending his entire production budget on clothes? Most importantly, where's Kim? Doesn't he know how much she loves making videos?

Anyway, we're nit-picking. The video is a touching tribute to Yeezy's mother and daughter, and it's nice to see that he didn't crop North out of it.

Sorry, Kim. You're never gonna live that one down.

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