John Travolta Talks Chatting Up Young Dudes at the Gym at 3 am: I Do It For My Kids!

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Last week, John Travolta got friendly with a male fan during a 3 am workout session at a Planet Fitness in LA.

A photo of the young man and a surprisingly wig-less Travolta went viral, and left fans with plenty of tough questions:

John Travolta: Gay Selfie?

Why does Travolta work out at 3 am? Why is he approaching strange men at gyms? Why does he belong to freakin' cheap-o Planet Fitness?!

Something smelled fishy about the whole situation, so the acting legend decided to clarify matters while appearing at an aviation awards gala on Friday. It's worth noting that he was rocking his formal hairpiece for the occasion:

"I'm a father," Travolta said when asked about his bizarre workout schedule. "They still want me to play with them at a level of a much younger man. In order to stay healthy for them, that's what I do."

Of course, anyone with young kids knows that 3 am workout sessions don't make much sense, as toddlers have a habit of prying your eyes open just after sunrise, but we don't think Travolta's nocturnal lifestyle is what interested most people about this story.

Rumors that Travolta is gay have been circulating for decades. They resurfaced in 2012 when Travolta was sued for sexually harassing several men.

Needless to say, when a story about the married family man posing for selfies with ripped young dudes goes public, the common reaction isn't, "Jeez, his sleep schedule must be all screwed up!"

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