John Travolta Meeting Strange Men at the Gym: It Happens A Lot!

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Last week, a story about John Travolta getting friendly with a male fan named Justin Jones captured the web's attention.

It wasn't so much that Travolta introduced himself to a young dude and posed for a bros-selfie that made the story unusual.

John Travolta: Gay Selfie?

No, it was more the fact that this encounter took place inside a Planet Fitness gym at 3 am...and Travolta made a point of asking if the guy was married.

"I understood what was happening when it was happening," Jones said, echoing the sentiments of anyone who's ever been approached by a sweaty stranger late at night in a deserted place.

Travolta says he works out at 3 am for the sake of his kids, because apparently that excuse makes sense to him. 

However, in the days since Jones' selfie went viral, several other stories have emerged that make it seem as though Travolta has made a habit of approaching young men in hopes of helping them get their swell on.

"Happened to me too a while back," one Reddit user wrote in response to Jones' story. "A super nice guy."

"It was a warm summer night in the year 2000," wrote a user named Myklanjilo. "Although [this gym] is certainly the busiest I have ever seen, it was normally as empty as the streets at 3 am. On this particular night, however, I wasn't alone."

Myklanjilo goes on to describe how Travolta came down with a hot case of Saturday night fever and proceeded to follow him around the gym and leer at him as he worked out.

Naturally, these accounts could be entirely fabricated, but these men are certainly not the first to claim they received unwanted attention from Travolta.

Our only question is: Why the gym? Eschewing the nightlife seems like a serious waste of John's dance moves. 

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