John Travolta Leaves Wig at Home, Gets Friendly With Male Fan During Late Night Workout

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Rumors that John Travolta is gay have plagued the actor for years now.

Hollywood insiders like Carrie Fisher have stated that they believe Travolta is in the closet. A man named named David Gotterba claimed to have a six-year affair with Travolta. The star has even been accused of sexually harassing male staff on a cruise ship.

Throughout it all, Travolta has firmly insisted that he's as straight as a broken arrow (Because that's a movie he did! Get it?!) and that the various men who claim to have had trysts with him are "all about the money."

So in that context, this innocent-looking selfie that was snapped by a fan at a Planet Fitness at 3 am really speaks volumes.

John Travolta: Gay Selfie?

So many questions are raised by this pic:

  1. What happened to John's hair?
  2. Why is he approaching strangers at the gym at 3 am?
  3. Why the eff does he belong to freaking Planet Fitness?!

The photo was posted on Reddit by the unidentified dude in red. A different Reddit user who claims to be friends with the man described the encounter in a post that's since been deleted:

"John approached him and asked if he was married, if he had kids, what he did in his spare time, and then he started talking about  his private jets. He said they talked for a while."

Yeah, just two dudes talking 'bout the single life and private jets while sweating profusely at 3 am. Nothing gay about that, right?

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