Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson: Dating?

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He's a Hollywood A-lister who's done everything from critically-adored indies to big-budget summer blockbusters. 

She's the star of a lesser-known premium cable drama who likely had many Americans asking, "Who?!" when she accepted an award at the 2015 Golden Globes.

But despite the major differences in their careers and levels of fame, Jake Gyllenhaal and The Affair actress Ruth Wilson were reportedly able to bridge the gap with the age-old method of swapping saliva at this year's Globes after parties.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Ruth Wilson Photo

London tabloid The Sun claims that multiple witnesses Ruth celebrating her big win by getting extremely friendly with Jake G:

"Ruth and Jake were all over each other and didn't seem to care who saw them," says one onlooker. "They were holding hands and shared a little kiss. It was sweet."

Interestingly, that's the night that sources say Taylor Swift had a "meltdown" after she spotted Jake at a party.

Could her freak-out have had anything to do with the fact that he was sucking face with Ruth? We probably won't know until Taylor's next album comes out.

Anyway, Wilenhaal could make for a good couple, but we hope Ruth knows what she's getting into.

Recently, it was reported that Jake was dating Rachel McAdams. Prior to that he was linked to...oh, just everyone in Hollywood. Grab an LA County phone book and just assume he's slept with every woman in it. 

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