Farrah Abraham Talks Butt Implants, Lip Injection Disaster on The Doctors

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Here's a shocker: Farrah Abraham has had a lot of work done.

We know. You thought she was all natural. But as anyone who's seen Farrah's botched lip implant photos can tell you, not only does the girl love plastic surgery, she favors cut-rate surgeons offering fancy new techniques at low, low prices.

As a result, her most recent procedure ended up in disaster.

Farrah's lips are fixed now (amazingly) so naturally, she went on The Doctors this week to tell her sob story:

Yes, even the show's resident plastic surgeon is trying to talk Farrah out of getting more plastic surgery. 

But of course, Farrah admits that she should cool it on the procedures for a while...and then talks about her plans to get butt implants in the same breath.

"I've had breast augmentations twice," Farrah admits. "I've had fillers in my cheeks, in my lips. I've also had chin implants; I've had rhinoplasty."

It's important to remember that Farrah has had all that work done despite the fact that she's freaking 23 years old!

Maybe now that she has a new boyfriend in Simon Saran, Farrah will find the confidence she needs to stop constantly going under the knife and focus on being a mother to her young daughter.

Or maybe she can find a doctor who will just give her some sort of artificial confidence implant. That might be easier.

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