Farrah Abraham: Making Out With a Married Man on New Year's Eve?!

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Farrah Abraham has hit so many lows over the course of her "career" that hooking up with a married dude doesn't even make the list of the top (or in this case, bottom) ten sleaziest things she's ever done.

Taking photos of said hook-up and posting them online, however, may be one of her dumbest moves to date.

Farrah Abraham Married Man Photo

Farrah tweeted the above photo on New Year's Day, and as many of her followers have pointed out - that dude appears to be rocking a wedding ring.

Granted, we have no proof that he's actually stepping out on his wife, and dating a guy with a taste for gaudy, ostentatious bling sounds like something Farrah would do, but the fact that she has yet to respond to her many fans who asked if dude is married is not a good sign.

Then again, she also didn't respond to fans who asked if he gave her the "backdoor teen mom" treatment, and she loves to talk about stuff like that, so maybe she's just been busy.

Speaking of the show that made her famous (no, not the one she put on with James Deen), Farrah won't be returning to Teen Mom next season, which means the show disappointingly just got 150% less trashy.

Fortunately, Farrah made a strip club video, in case you really need to see more of her. (Trust us, you see quite a bit of her in the clip.)

And of course, you can always just watch Teen Mom online if you wanna relive some of Farrah's best moments in lying while whipser-crying.

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