Farrah Abraham, Boyfriend Simon Kiss After Lip Injection Debacle Resolved

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As you probably heard, Farrah Abraham's recent botched lip injections have been fixed, and her new boyfriend Simon appears to be reaping the benefits.

Check out the collage she posted of the cuties yesterday. Aww.

Farrah Abraham, Boyfriend
Farrah Abraham and Boyfriend

The Teen Mom turned Backdoor Teen Mom star is totes fine now, just days after her lips swelled up to alarming proportions and landed her in the ER.

Farrah Abraham certainly sparked a great deal of concern - and celebrity gossip coverage - with this medical scare, but just as quickly, the crisis abated.

Now she's back to ... doing whatever it is she does.

Her new boy toy, for one. Going to the AVN adult convention as a presenter this weekend, for two. Imagine if she brings him along ... whoever he is.

It's not clear if this is the possibly married man she was making out with on New Year's Eve. Nor is it clear if Simon is somehow in this for a reality TV gig.

With Farrah, one can never assume otherwise.

Her face is operational, in any case, In one photo on Abraham's Instagram, the (previously?) single mother of five-year-old Sophia is seen kissing Simon.

In another, those plump lips are on full display.

We're just glad Farrah got fixed up and can use this as a teachable moment for her daughter, who's beautiful the way she is and never needs cosmetic work done.

She certainly doesn't need to milk the unfortunate things that happen to her for publicity, either. Perish the thought. Just follow mom's lead, little girl.

Oh wait, she already says she'll encourage Sophia to get plastic surgery and even make her own sex tape if and when the right time comes along.

So yeah, never mind. Job well done, Farrah!

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