Farrah Abraham: Botched Lip Implant Photo Must Be Seen To Be Believed!

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Usually when Farrah Abraham shocks us, it's because she did something like make out with a married man and share a photo of it on Twitter.

But this time....this time we actually feel bad for her, because despite Farrah's insane stripper salary, she apparently decided to go to a cut rate plastic surgeon, and as you can see she's paying the price in a big way:

Farrah Abraham Lip Implant Photo
Farrah Abraham Lip Photo

"Girlfriends don't say I didn't warn ya," Farrah captioned the above pics. "#Botched California #ER #Fixit"

Farrah was reportedly trying out a new type of procedure in which the patient receives an implant rather than injections.

The upside is that the work doesn't have to be maintained with costly fillers. The downside is that you may end up looking like Farrah in these pics.

Farrah's had plenty of plastic surgery in the past, and she claims she thoroughly researched the doctor and procedure before going ahead with it. 

She says doctors are looking into the possibility that she had an allergic reaction to the implants, and figuring out how to proceed.

We'll refrain from jokes about Farrah needing her lips for her career, or the fact that her plastic body parts are usually sold to male fans on the Internet.

Watch Teen Mom online to remind yourself what Farrah looked like before she got addicted to going under the knife.

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