Duggars Draw Criticism For Latest Gun Photo

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If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, then you're likely already aware that the Duggar family likes guns almost as much as they enjoy procreating.

And the family is certainly not shy about expressing their fondness for the second amendment or sharing pics of their sizable firearm collections on social media.

A photo of Jessa Duggar holding a gun drew criticism from fans back in June, but Michelle, Jim Bob and company are clearly none too concerned with regard to alienating their more left-leaning fans.

Case in point, this photo of a 15-year-old Jedediah holding a 12 gauge shotgun:

Jedediah Duggar Gun Photo

The Duggars posted the photo the day after Christmas (Jedediah turned 16 on the December 30) and fan reactions have been decidedly mixed:

"Worst present ever," wrote Facebook user Linda Lawless. "I don't care how much safety they teach their kids. All it takes is one time of not locking it up properly for one of the dozens of curious kids in the house to get a hold of it and have an accident."

"How can they give their child a gun but can't allow other people to be who they are" wrote Helen Riley, referring to the Duggars opposition to anti-discrimination laws. "Guns are meant to kill."

Naturally, the other side of the debate was well-represented also:

"It's our God given right to bear arms," wrote Kelly Woodrow James. "There is nothing wrong with giving a child a gun as long as the responsibility of owning that gun is taught well."

It's worth noting that neither Jedediah nor his parents are breaking any laws. In Arkansas, minors can own and operate most firearms with their parents' consent.

Of course, it's also worth noting that Jedediah has eight younger siblings living in his home, the youngest of whom is only 5 years old.

Here's hoping Michelle and Jim Bob guard their gun cabinet as closely as their daughters' "virtue."

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