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Earlier this month, Cameron Diaz married Benji Madden after only about 7 months of dating. 

The fact that Diaz threw a quickie wedding in her own backyard and allegedly didn’t drink at the reception was bound to lead to rumors that the actress is pregnant, and the tabloids did not disappoint:

“Everyone toasted with champagne while Cam drank water hoping no one would notice,” a source tells Star magazine. “She was having a blast, but you could tell she was self-conscious about her stomach.”

“She hid it with her hand and wouldn’t hug anyone too close to her body. All the guests were whispering that she was pregnant and some expressed their happiness to those who already knew.”

Cameron is 42 and has stated on several occasions that she has no desire to have children. Of course, she also likes to party, so if she legitimately didn’t drink at all at her own wedding, that may be an indication that she’s knocked up.

But who knows? Maybe she just abstained because she was nursing a hangover after the rehearsal dinner!

We have our doubts that she’s expecting, but then, we also doubted that she would ever settle down and get married.