Tyga: History of Involvement With Underage Girls Revealed in Lawsuit

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The relationship between Kylie Jenner and Tyga is controversial for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he's 25, and she's only 17. 

Both parties have denied that they're dating, but a selfie Kylie posted yesterday seems to confirm that she's more than just friends with Tyga.

Today, the details of a lawsuit in which Tyga was named as a defendant were made public for the first time, and they may serve as evidence that the rapper has a long history of involvement with much younger women.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Picture

The suit was filed by a dancer named Alison Brown, who appeared in the video for Tyga's single "Make It Nasty" in 2011.

Tyga offered Brown an undisclosed settlement yesterday, but the details of the case could still cause irreparable damage to his reputation:

The suit claims that Tyga and his record label "coerced young and impressionable underage women to pose nude."

According to court documents, Brown and several other women were "served unlimited amounts of alcohol" while they waited several hours for Tyga to arrive on set.

"After hours of being encouraged to drink (without verification of the victim's age)" Brown was allegedly brought in front of and "pressured to remove her clothes."

Two other women who appeared in the video have already sued Tyga and his production company for sexual harassment.

The ugliness surrounding the "Make It Nasty" video is apparently common knowledge in the rap community, and is just one of the many reasons that the Kardashians don't approve of Kylie and Tyga's relationship.

"The Kardashians know about this. Everyone does," a source tells Radar Online. "I think Tyga is a creep and trying to ride on Kylie's fame. He tricked her."

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