The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: BBQ Blues

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 6, Lisa Rinna and family went home to Oregon, while Eileen and Yolanda bonded in the 90210.

Brandi Glanville? She probably doesn't remember where she was, she was so hammered, while former hot mess Kim Richards is keeping it real these days.

Lisa Rinna kicks things off on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 6, explaining that her beloved childhood home is being sold.

Such an emotional "origins" story line feels a bit too early for a new cast member such as herself, but we'll go with it. Lisa R. is nothing if not entertaining.

Her namesake Lisa Vanderpump is back from Palm Springs and kills time filming with her swans and Ken, neither of whom seem particularly interested.

At lunch, Lisa Rinna, Yolanda Foster and Eileen Davidson bond over kids. Turns out Yolanda and Eileen's children went to school together. Small world!

Eileen drops another hint that she's having financial problems, or at least concerns, by complaining about how big her house is and wanting to downsize.

Kylie Richards is not having financial problems. She plans a BBQ with her assistant, who is dubbed “Ladysitter,” which is maybe the dumbest thing ever.

On the road with Lisa Rinna, we see her with her parents in an assisted living residence and while they seem very sweet, this feels extremely awkward.

Maybe it's just us? We're not sure. But you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online to see Brandi get tanked, not Lisa's parents be manipulated.

Speaking of which, we're getting to that good part. Just not before Kyle complains about how busy she is and needs to hire help. Humble Brag Hall of Fame.

Eileen, Yolanda, Lisa Vanderpump, Ken, Brandi and Kim are at the BBQ, and it doesn't take long for the innuendos, heated questions and claws to come out.

Case in point: Yolanda asks Lisa why she didn't invite her to Palm Springs, Lisa says she didn’t invite anyone, and Yolanda knows she invited Lisa Rinna.

Classic. Almost as much so as Brandi Glanville sharing the details of her vagina rejuvenation with Eileen. And as usual, Lisa V. is not nice to Brandi.

These two could both use a time out, or a good spanking, or something, because they either just need to let it go and make up or just not talk period.

In this case, however, Lisa does not need to be such a ... you know. Brandi's not innocent and we can't believe this is all over Scheana Marie. But still.

Brandi is at least trying, though, yet Lisa and Ken are horrible to her. At some point you'd think they would show a little ... we don't even know at this point.

Ironically, the oft-troubled Kim Richards is the only one who seems like she really has it together. Kyle Richards can s--k it, as Brandi says, but Kim?

She really seems like she's turned things around, and is authentically genuine to boot. On an episode like this one, she shines even brighter than usual.

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