Patrick Schwarzenegger: "Turned On" By Miley Cyrus' Girl-on-Girl Antics, Mom's Disapproval

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Patrick Schwarzenegger is pretty freaking thrilled with his life these days.

With his crazy uninhibited girlfriend in Miley Cyrus, and the added turn-on of his mother Maria Shriver disapproving of said girlfriend, he's living the dream.

Sources say disobeying poor mom just makes Miles even hotter to him.

Miley Cyrus Mirror Selfie
Patrick Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver

A big reason Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus got together is their mutual love of crazy antics, but the fact that Maria is not a fan really tuns him on.

“Patrick is intrigued with Miley and her ‘don’t give a f--k attitude’, he’s in awe of her and everything about her turns him on," says a source close to him.

"The fact that his mom doesn’t approve also makes Miley more appealing and more seductive. He loves that Miley is always pushing the envelope."

Maria reportedly even tried to break the two lovebirds up, but her plan looks to have backfired, as he's more into Miley and their life together than ever.

Shriver's "massive disapproval about their relationship" has led to tension between them, with some believing he goes out of his way to flaunt and taunt.

What is this, high school? Actually, it's not far off.

One has to wonder if that rumor about the couple getting married already was directly aimed at Maria to make her flip her s--t, which she surely did.

Parental issues aside, there's the girl on girl action Miley lets him watch, as she will randomly make out with hot girls in front of Patrick to tantalize him.

And really, what guy out there doesn't dream of watching their girlfriend suck face with other babes? Says the source of the hot and heavy twosome:

“Miley loves turning Patrick on. And one way she does this is by flirting and making out with random hot girls and posting sexy pics on social media."

Sounds hot. But how long will it last? At some point, he may be grossed out by her filthy habits and move on with someone a little more ... conventional.

For now, though? Living the exhibitionist dream.

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