Mel B: Hospitalized For Overdose, Planning to Divorce Stephen Belafonte?

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Mel B was recently hospitalized for a drug overdose and is gearing up to divorce Stephen Belafonte, according to a new set of celebrity gossip reports.

The Spice Girl otherwise known as Melanie Brown is gearing up for a nasty split from her husband and the crowd she's been hanging out with, supposedly.

Radar Online reports she was hospitalized last weekend in London after the singer suffered an accidental overdose, mixing tranquilizers and alcohol.

The star was NOT suicidal and is recovered, a source said, but is planning to get a divorce in the wake of rumors that Stephen Belafonte abused Mel B.

She has not made that allegation publicly, and he has denied it. Nevertheless, the reports of the couple splitting up, abuse or not, are running rampant.

For the first time, Mel is now “openly talking about divorcing Stephen… she feels that he has been way too controlling of her life and is now ready to be free."

"It’s gearing up to be very nasty because Mel wants Madison returned to her in London, even though she is an American citizen,” the source said.

More worrisome, according to insiders? “She is hanging around a very bad group of people right now, and friends are growing more and more concerned about Mel."

Compounding her health crisis, Mel also was diagnosed with an ulcer, which happened after returning to London three months ago to film Simon Cowell‘s X Factor.

Since being back in London, Mel has lost a “dramatic amount of weight. Living in a hotel room isn’t a good thing for her and the girls,” the source added.

Here's hoping she finds herself in a healthier and happier place again soon, because it doesn't sound like her life is on a positive trajectory these days.

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