Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 12 Recap: Ray J Has a Heart!

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Just like last week, or any week really, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 12 focused heavily on "Matters of the Heart" as well as matters of music.

In the case of Nia Riley, she was in a terrible car accident, but that alarming event was what ultimately ended up bringing her back together with Soulja Boy.

He didn’t know how much he needed her until he almost lost her. Would his co-stars also gain perspective like this in what was an emotional installment?

On the latest installment of the VH1 reality (term used loosely) drama, Kim Kardashian sex tape co-star Ray J sat Princess Love down to talk about their relationship.

Specifically, the gossip that always surrounds their relationship.

NOTE TO RAY: Next time, don't even say the name Teairra.

While mentioning her almost led to a physical altercation with Princess, Ray knew when to back off. Teairra can't say the same always with her temper.

Her last performance sucked, as you know if you watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood online, and even she can admit that. So the pressure is on now.

Not only does she have to prove she can sing under duress, but Yung Berg has stuck his neck out for her, and his reputation is on the line here as well.

Speaking of Yung Berg, who got fired from the show for beating the crap out of Masika Tucker, he apparently wants to invite Ray J to Teairra’s showcase.

Berg knows the drama between them will create buzz and generate sales, but he has his own drama as well, and that he tries to keep at arm's length.

Masika used to be the one Hazel would turn to if she had a problem with Berg in their romance. Then Berg started putting it Masika six ways from Tuesday.

Now Masika's saying Berg never really dated Hazel?

GURL PLEASE. Who do you think you're fooling?

It's not entirely foreign territory, of course. What Masika did to Hazel, she did to Nikki. So Hazel and Nikki meet up to hate on Masika. Classic VH1.

Hazel wanted to know if Masika used her. Nikki confirms via her own "research" that Masika simply loves to glom on to wealthy and/or talented men.

It's her M.O., and she works it to a T baby.

In the end, Nikki was able to move past Masika, and while Fizz still has issues to work out with his son’s mother, he seems excited about Nikki too.

As for Teairra’s performance, Ray J showed.

Not to throw shade (or blunt objects) at her either. He actually reflected on how good he had it with her, and how Princess by contrast had so bitterly betrayed him.

Loyalty. Like Soulja, Ray didn't realize how important it was, or what a good position he was actually in, until a belated wake up call he never saw coming.

When Ray apologized, it was moving.

When Teairra Mari cut him off to kiss him, it was equally powerful. It's not clear what future these two have. But it was pure magic to watch on screen.

Simply sublime.

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