Lea Michele Sings "Let It Go" in New Glee Promo, Because of Course She Does

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In case you were blissfully unaware (like most of the television viewing public), Glee is still a show that's on a major network somehow.

While most of the series' formerly obsessed fans abandoned Glee after one of the many times it jumped the shark, Fox granted the long-slumping ex-hit a stay of execution so that it could properly wrap things up...and, of course, cash in on the popularity of Frozen.

Yes, we've known for months that Lea Michele would sing "Let It Go" during the Glee's sixth and final season, and unlike so much of what the show's writers have done in recent years, it makes perfect sense.

Not only does the Broadway-show-stopper style of the tune make it a perfect fit for both Glee and Michele's singing voice, but  "Let It Go" was originally sung by Idina Menzel, who plays Lea's mom on the show.

At the very least, it makes a lot more sense than Once Upon a Time's co-opting of Frozen's characters, which was an idea that seemed to spring from a writer's meeting in which someone pointed out that Disney owns ABC and people really like Frozen.

Glee has a talented cast, and depending on what you look for in a show, that might be reason enough to tune into the final season. Hey, if nothing else, you know the series finale will be a five-hanky affair.

Watch Glee online in order to catch up in time for the season 6 premiere on January 9.

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