Lady Gaga on Taylor Swift Lesbian Rumors: If She's Interested, She Can Call Me!

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Yesterday, Lady Gaga gave a revealing interview to Howard Stern in which she talked about everything from the painful secrets of her past to the current state of her love life. 

But if you were hoping the Mother Monster's sexcapades would be as interesting as her wardrobe, prepare to be disappointed:

Gaga is still dating Taylor Kinney, and she's not banging Taylor Swift.

Lady Gaga Naked (And We're Afraid)
Taylor Swift at the 2014 American Music Awards

Yes, not long ago, the Internet was abuzz with the somewhat ridiculous rumor that there's more than one Taylor in Gaga's life.

Sadly, the singer crushed millions of fans' dreams and steamy slash-fiction ambitions when she revealed to Stern that Swaga is not a thing:

"I don't think she would be into that," Gaga said. "If she's interested, she can call me."

So, it sounds like there's still a remote chance. The problem is, we can't picture a scenario in which Taylor asks Gaga to spend the night and it involves anything more than Law & Order reruns and maybe some light crocheting.

Interestingly, Gaga says she wasn't crazy about Taylor when they first met. Naturally, Swifty won her over eventually:

"It was at the AMAs, [Taylor] and I were sitting next to each other," Gaga tells Stern. "She goes, 'Oh my god, I love ARTPOP...'Applause is my favorite song! I was thinking, Yeah, yeah, yeah, this chick is full of sh-t."

She says it wasn't until months later when a stylist friend of hers called to say he was watching Tay rock out to 'Applause' that Gaga actually believed Swift is a fan.

Yes, Lady Gaga might be the first person to describe Taylor Swift as "full of sh-t." Always the innovator!

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